[RELEASE] Zulu Project - Metin2 PayPal Payment Gateway (IPN)

  • Hello dear users of metin2downloads.to,

    this is my first topic that I do and it is about the new project that I am carrying out on my own, in order to help creators of private servers with some useful tools that facilitate their work or the interaction with their users. Most of them will be web tools / applications, as that is what I do.

    Today I will do the first release:

    Episode 1- Metin2 PayPal Payment Gateway [M.P.P.G]

    Please login to see this link.

    This tool is extremely simple, which allows you to receive automatic donations through PayPal.

    Just entering the username and selecting the amount of "Coins" with their respective price would be more than enough.

    Then you just have to log into your Paypal account and proceed to make the payment, in the description of the same you can see the details of the transaction.

    Once the payment has been made correctly, you will be redirected back to the script

    Finally, the "coins" will be assigned to the account that was originally entered and a record of the donation will be created in the database.


    You only have to download the Script, upload the "zulu" folder to your server website, access it from the browser and it will automatically start the installer, following the instructions will be more than enough.

    IMPORTANT: The folders "Install" and "Config" with their files MUST have 777 permissions, if not then change it!


    In order to configure the Script parameters, such as the currency, prices, the amount of coins to deliver, the PayPal Email to be used, etc. You must access the path and file "/zulu/config/parameters.php" It is documented enough to understand it.

    IMPORTANT: For this script to work, you must enable instant notifications in your PayPal accounts and add the URL where the script is located and the handler "/zulu/app.php"

    Frequent questions:

    Have you placed an exploit for your own benefit?

    Answer: I do not plan to spend my time on things that I consider absurd lmao ...

    Is the design (HTML/CSS) and code (PHP) entirely yours or have you used someone else's code and adopt it as yours?

    Answer: The code and design is completely my property, since it is in my public Github repository, you can review it as many times as you want, however I have named it an Open Source project, you can see the Copyright terms under the "GNU General" license Public License v3.0 ".

    Have you taken the appropriate security measures at the time of this script?

    Answer: I have taken the NECESSARY measures, since it is not a Script that covers so many things and most verifications are already done automatically by the PayPal API.

    There are many things that can be improved, why don't you take them into account?

    Answer: It is very evident to me, however this is a public and free project, personally I do not want to give myself more work than I should for this type of thing, for those who understand it I think it is reasonable enough that the time of people have value and few would do much without something in return.

    Will you make updates of what you do?

    Answer: Of course, it is already fully scheduled.

    Leaving this project aside, do you lend yourself to web development services?

    Answer: Yes, you can contact me through any of my networks (check at the end of the topic)

    I hope it is useful for someone, if you need or want something about the project or some type of different service, I am completely open to request.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything!

    Link: Please login to see this link.

    To download if you don't know how:

    Please login to see this link.

    Contact methods:

    Discord: Jayden#7168

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Please login to see this link.

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