Ancient jungle dungeon

  • Hi everyone!
    I'm here with new dungeon, Ancient jungle altar. You were asking for more new "non-seasonal" dungeons, here is one of the first smaller dungeons of this year. I have already plans for next dungeons for this year, scorpion dungeon, new spider dungeon maybe. Well, summer is coming so i will start to work on new dungeon in Pirate theme, so it can be used even after summer without problem.

    Back to this dungeon, it has 3 floors, each floor has few missions!

    Stage 1

    • Talk with NPC
    • Grow crystal in 3 phases, for each phase you need to kill wave of monsters
    • After the crystal is grown and activated, boss is spawned
    • Kill the boss

    Stage 2

    • Find right stone and get item to activate a seal. For every wrong stone you get 1 negative point (the more negative points you get, the more HP is the boss in the end of this floor gonna has)
    • Activate the seal
    • Kill golems to get an item to destroy the seal
    • Kill the boss
    • You have limited time for this stage (12 minutes by deafult)

    Stage 3

    • Talk with NPC
    • Destroy stone with enormous HP regeneration. You have to destroy it in defined time, otherwise the final boss is gonna have much higher defense
    • Fire up all 4 braziers in this stage. For each one you have to kill a wave of monsters and drop item
    • Talk with NPC
    • Kill final boss
    • Chest is spawned

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    Dungeon video:

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