Offline Shop full unbug (tutorial in archive )

  • Features
    - Player can open normal shop or offline shop
    - Dynamic shop duration with cost managed in player.shop_cost
    - Player can edit shop/name from every channel
    - Player can close shop/get earned gold from every channel
    - After open shop, name will change color in blue
    - After crash core/restarting server shops still appear
    - Anty lag's which you have full shop's on map
    - Auto close shop when other player buy last item
    - Item prices cache for creating shop
    - Offline shop's have custom color npc name and minimap color
    - Support unlimited gold in inventory
    - Support for Acce System
    - System is only for source
    - System is protected for exploit's/attack's
    - System is fully optimized for best performace
    - Support languages: Polish,English,German,Romanian

    /delete_shop <type> <arg>
    shopid - Delete shop using ID
    player - Delete all player shops by player name
    /delete_shop player Best4ever
    /delete_shop shopid 1
    /update_shop <shop id> - Reload shop items when you edit it in MySQL

    Event flags:
    /e shop_max <count> - Setting max shop for player, default is 2
    /e shop_off 1 - Disable offline shop system in game
    /e shop_off 0 - Enable offline shop system in game
    /e shop_dist <0 - 10000> - Show shops effect like WoM2 pos distance setting. 0 to disable this

    Password of archive : RevooT
    Download (Tutorial install in archive )

    P.s Stop all send me Pm , i dont offer support for the system ,I'm already giving you some free stuff, I do not have time to put myself to install the system to each one

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