Search Team for Project Brazilian/Future Internacional

  • Hello community,

    I'm here to present a Brazilian project NewSchool with intentions to become international in the future.

    Our idea is to create the best Brazilian private metin2 server ever and later if it succeeds in expanding to other markets slowly.

    We have an interresting team but we need people who have been interested in joining us since we do not have the financial power to hire people to sell services.

    In the Brazilian scene of metin2 there is no one working in metin2 in various areas of metin2 and the servers there are mostly picking up to serverfiles, translating and picking up shit and casting.

    We want to create a decent and innovative thing. The following are areas that we are recruiting for those who have interacted:

    -WebDesigner (Website + Forum)

    -Designer (Logos, Banners, Backgrounds, patcher, interfaces, presentations)

    -Creator Maps / Dungeons

    -3D Creator (Weapons / Armors, effects, metinstones, monsters / bosses etc)

    We know that it will be difficult for someone to interact because they may be doing / selling services for other nationalities that give a lot of money and have many players etc.

    But if you try to never know if you really have an interest in trying to help a project of a different nationality and market.

    If interresant to project and for know someone ideias to project send message in forum

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