SwitchHook (faster switching)

  • Hi,

    I just tested a few minutes, seems to work like that. - If there are any issues just send me a pm.

    - Since it's not using the tooltip like mijagos original it won't stop switching too late.

    - It switches as fast as the client can handle the packets (not more, not less, means more items = slower)

    Credits for the switchbot to Mijago, I just modified it. (You have to add it to your client first & replace the switchbot.py)

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    PS: It's an older "project" ported into the client.

    PPS: You should be able to even fast this up, if you are removing the unnecessary overhead of update packets serverside. (sending only one instead of up to 6 per switch) (added optional serverpart)

    if ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_NORM_END is undefined in your source, replace it with 5

    Hotfix for the X button

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