Terms Of Use

  1. § 1 Scope of application

    The following conditions apply to the use of the Metin2Downloads platform (hereinafter referred to as "Provider"). The use of the platform is only permitted if you accept these terms of use as a user.
  2. § 2 Registration, subject matter of the contract and conclusion of the contract

    1) In order to use the platform, the user must register using the corresponding online form. After registering via the online form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to verify your data, which you can use to confirm your registration by mouseclick. With the activation of your account by the provider, the free platform usage contract comes into effect (conclusion of contract).

    (2) Subject matter of the contract is the free use of the functions of the platform as an online communication platform. For this purpose, an "account" is provided to you as a user, with which you can make posts on the platform.

    (3) There is basically no legal claim to activation or participation in the Community. The unrestricted house rules of the provider apply.

    (4) The provider reserves the right to change and expand the content and structure of the platform as well as the associated user interfaces if this does not or only insignificantly affect the intended purpose of the contract concluded with the user. The provider will inform the user about these changes accordingly.

    (5) The purpose of the platform is a "market of opinions" directed at the public. As far as possible, a peaceful and respectful interaction between the users without insulting hostility is to be maintained.
  3. § 3 User account

    (1) Your account can only be used by yourself, i.e. sharing the account and creating a double account is prohibited. As the owner of the account, you are also responsible for protecting it from abuse. Your access data must therefore be protected against access by third parties.

    (2) The username must have the meaning of a username and may not consist exclusively of meaningless sequences of letters and/or numbers. Likewise, the explicit use of ASCII symbols or other symbols as username is prohibited.
  4. § 4 Permitted languages

    Within the community only German and English are allowed as languages. Content in other languages will be removed.
  5. § 5 Order and contents

    (1) As a user, you agree that you will not publish any content that violates these rules or morality. In particular, you are not allowed to do any of the following:

    a) to publish content that is significantly insulting, offensive, defamatory, pornographic and glorifies violence,

    b) to publish sensitive data and/or files (including pictures, video recordings, voice recordings, addresses, names, passwords, identification codes or similar) in order to deliberately harm another person,

    c) to provide files that contain viruses or other malware,

    d) Multiple posting of contents in the same context (double posting),

    e) Likehunting (begging for likes)

    f) creating spam posts, including:

    1) Unsuitable content and posts,

    2) Content and posts that do not relate to the basic context of a topic,

    3) One-word posts or pure thank you messages (such as Thank You, Thx, Ty, etc.)

    g) changing content in such a way that traceability can no longer be guaranteed (removal of the topic title and/or content),

    h) make revenge ratings,

    i) to advertise for other projects similar to our platform (third-party advertising),

    j) to advertise projects or push marketplace entries within the Shoutbox

    k) or provide referral links.

    (2) In the event of a violation, in particular of the previously mentioned rules, the provider can also take the following sanctions against the user, regardless of a termination:

    a) Deletion or modification of content that the user has posted,

    b) make a statement of warning,

    c) make an infraction or

    d) blocking access to the community (temporarily or permanently).

    Further details are regulated in the catalogue of penalties.

  6. § 6 Section rules

    The provider reserves the right to define separate regulations for sections that are located both inside and outside of the platform (discord or other programs provided for communication by the platform itself). These regulations have, in addition to the terms of use, the same weighting.
  7. § 7 Marketplace and trading

    (1) The provider draws the user's attention to the fact that within the Community other users may offer services that are subject to a charge. The provider is not involved in such offers. Legal relationships are established exclusively between the parties involved in the trade.

    (2) The user acknowledges that the provider does not check the reliability or honesty of persons who buy or sell items or rights in the forum for reliability or honesty when the offer is submitted, so that criminal intentions of such users cannot be excluded. Those users who want to buy or sell things or rights in the forum are therefore advised to use appropriate security mechanisms such as a middleman.

    (3) The provider is in no way responsible for claims that are made against users who are considered "trusted". Trusted" means exclusively that the user has successfully passed through certain mechanisms which place certain demands on his liquidity and the correctness of the information he provides.

    (4) Trade ratings must be explained. Revenge ratings are not permitted.

    (5) In marketplace threads, only questions before purchasing the offered product or using the service as well as feedback after the purchase of the product or the offered service are allowed. Unrelated comments will be deleted and punished accordingly.
  8. § 8 Server presentations

    (1) Server presentations may only be published one month before the start of the server.

    (2) In order to be allowed to present a server on the platform, a clearly visible backlink to Metin2Downloads must be added in the navigation or in the footer of the server website. An embedding via logo is possible. For this purpose, the logo assets can be downloaded from the following link: https://www.metin2downloads.to/cms/media/20-m2dl-assets-zip/


    (3) A subsequent removal of the backlink will result in the deletion of the presentation.

    (4) Events that are intended to push the server presentation aren't allowed and lead to a ban on advertising.

  9. § 9 Warnings, infractions and sanctions

    The degree of severity of a warning or sanction is based on the terms of use as well as the catalogue of penalties. It should be considered that the catalogue of penalties serves only as an orientation guide and that the respective team member can assess the degree of severity of the penalty at his own judgement.
  10. § 10 Transfer rights of use

    (1) The copyright for your contents, as far as they are copyrightable, remains basically with you as user. However, by posting content or file, you grant the provider the right to keep the content or file permanently on its websites. Furthermore, the provider has the right to delete, edit, move or close your content.

    (2) The previously mentioned rights of use shall remain in force even in the event of an account dismissal.
  11. § 11 Limitation of liability

    The provider does not take over any guarantee for the contents posted in the community, especially not for their correctness, completeness and topicality.
  12. § 12 Duration / Termination of the agreement

    (1) This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.

    (2) Either party can cancel this agreement by giving one day's notice. If both parties agree, the termination may also be affected earlier.

    (3) The provider is entitled to deny access to the user after cancellation of this user agreement. In the event of cancellation, the Provider is entitled but not obliged to delete the contents created by you as the user. A claim by you as user to the transfer of the created contents is excluded.

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